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The Weekly Observer

The Weekly Observer
Issue 642
November 6, 1996
Review by Leslie Vinson

So Lesbian art lovers, you've been waiting for a real Lesbian art show? You got it. Lorraine Inzalaco's show at Wingspan is not to be missed.

Her exhibition has only one subject, women loving women. But it's not mere propaganda or pin-ups. The great oil, Sedia D'Amore, strikes the eyes with its grandly simplified forms and stable composition. The reclining nude has all the self-satisfaction of a classic Venus. Her adorer bends over the love seat in an unusual pose that seems spontaneous, yet perfectly thought out. The two figures relate in balance that gives their sensuality a feelings of rightness and peace.

The oil wash sketch, A Kiss, shows even more clearly the artist's ability to make vivid sensuality meet classic poise. The two lovers' pose is athletically erotic, but it seems inevitably eternal. Diagonals meet at exactly the right point. The same is true of the oil sketch, Heavenly, where the entangled bodies flicker with electric life, yet have a vital repose that a lot about love itself.

A nice feature of the exhibit is the assortment of reproductions, greeting cards, and T-shirts that lets the less affluent art lover take Inzalaco home. The T-shirt graphics are poems in pure line. Only the boldest of Lesbian will wear these celebrations of sexual love outside a women's environment, but they look just as fine on the wall.

Visible For A Change runs through November at Wingspan, 422 North Fourth Avenue, during regular business hours.

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